Polk Audio Castle CSiA6

Parts List -
Tweeter Circuit -
Clarity Cap PX bypassed by Clarity Cap ESA
Mundorf Mox

Midbass Circuit -
Clarity Cap PX
Mundorf Mox

Upgrade Features -
Point to Point Wiring or Circuit Board
99.99% Copper, Gold Plated Insulated Binding Post
Complete, easy to reinstall package

Price of Upgrade?
Please email for pricing, Vr3Mods@GMail.com

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Thoughts from the customer?
"well i wanted to finely give everybody my impressions on the having my rti a9 and csi a6 moddified. i have had them running for about four days now and there is no downside to moddified crossovers. they are not extremely different at moderate volumes, but i watched a movie and the best thing is the three speakers make a more seamless front stage. i watched star trek which has lot of pans from all three speakers and it was so natural going from left to center to right i was not distracted like i usually was. the center is for now the one i recommed having done. before it was so heavy sounding in the midrange that caused mens voices to be darker than a midranging female voice has and the bright "s" sound is almost not there that extra brightness caused to sound distracting on shows with lots of female leads. i listen to some two channel music what strikes me is how a9's can get more dynamic at higher volume range and i was able to not get so fatigued after an hour at high volumes. vr3mxstyler2k3 only changed the middrange and tweeter sections and left the base section alone due to what i was willing to spend and for what i see as no added benefit anyway. the middbase was to me more important than the really lows anyway" - Gary (Polk Audio RTiA9/CSiA6 Castle Level Mods)

"Just to let you guys know. I had Trey modd my RTI A7's and CSI A4 cross overs. He did a good job, and they were a lot of work. They sound quite a bit better. It took the edeg off the tweeters. They don't seem so in your face and over powering. They are more full sounding. I liked the RTI A7's before the mod, but they are even more sweet now. I dont have an audiophile ear just enjoy great sound quality. I am currently powering them with my Onkyo TX-NR808 rated at 135wpc @ 2 channels driven. The worst part of the deal was using TV speakers while my xo's were out being modded. I would recomend doing it if you like the speakers you currently have, because you will love them after modding them." - Josh (RTiA7/CSiA5 Castle Level Mods)
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