Polk Audio LSi9 Castle Mods

Parts List -
Tweeter Circuit -
Clarity Cap MR, SA, PX
Mundorf Mox

Midbass Circuit -
Clarity Cap PX
Bennic Electrolytics bypassed by Clarity Cap ESA
Mundorf Mox

Upgrade Features -
Point to point wiring or Circuit board
99.99% Copper, Gold Plated Insulated Binding Post
Complete, easy to reinstall package
No Rez lined cabinets
Swapped top and bottom midrange placement
    Midrange driver is on bottom
    Allows for a cleaner, more coherent midrange

Price of Upgrade?
Please email for pricing, Vr3Mods@GMail.com

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Thoughts from the customer?
    "well I looked forward to getting them, Sorry to getting back to you so late but.....I can't stop listening to them! The vocals do just what I was looking for. I do not need to strain my ears to hear what is being sung. Also, they are less harsh all around. They won't clean up terrible recordings but I noticed the worst ones seem to be smoother. Now here's the kicker. I now know what polk wanted to accomplish, but they fell short. The center channel idea with the vocals is a good concept, but they designed it to be so laid back that the vocals lost out from blossoming to their full potential. Now, the vocals are still in the center but they extend into the room. Instead of staying behind the tv and the drums , the vocals are as loud as everything else. Giving a front stage performance effect. Works for me. So, I have heard speakers that put you into a music bubble, these speakers seat you in the front row. As stock, to a critical ear they fail, but the upgrades make the polk concept come alive.....Well at least a whole lot better. The only adjustments I made were to take out the foam from the two air ports. I also bi-wire the speakers, so off went the jumpers. In the future if I want to go with jumpers, would a heavier gauge wire be better? I like the other jumpers but I never used them. Well that's my review so far, Thanks again Trey" - Javier (Polk Audio LSi9 Castle Level Mods)
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