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Thoughts from the customer?
"Hey Trey, Just finished the mod on oneside of the speaker and left the other side stock. Its freaking amazingdifference. I didn’t change any eqsettings in the receiver and notice the mids are more pronounced and theoverall sound is softer. Is that what you feel? The efficiency of the speakerwith the mod is off the charts. At the same balance and volume levels, the VR3is noticeable a lot louder…. Its pretty amazing…. I am off to mod the secondone and hopefully have a write up for you…The MOST pain is taking off the round inducers…. I broke the spindle and kind ofglued it back, but the coils are still intact…. What do you notice most aboutthe mod? Thanks for all your help! Thereward and hard work of putting it all together yourself makes me enjoy it evenmore!!!" -Ken (Polk Audio RTi8 DIY Fortress Level Modifications)

would not have been possible without Treys pictures to go by. I have very little experience in electronics. As for the modification. I think this is an extremely well thought out DIY kit. Even with my yammy amp, the speakers seem to give a 3d feel to the sound. I can hear sound details from movies that I could not hear before. Watched an episode of the pacific last night and was extremely pleased with the upgrade. Definitely money well spent. Have not tried these with my Dodd preamp/dynaco mk III amps yet. Looking forward to hearing what they sound like with a better amp. - Richard (Polk Audio LSi9 DIY Fortress Level Modifications)

"Anyone thinking about modding for the first time, i would recommend going through Trey he is one hell of a helpful dude and has the best customer service I have ever encountered.................... When I first started out in this hobby a mere 3 years ago I was given some great advice from Club Polk, ?don?t just take someone?s opinion on the forum, experience it yourself?. Nothing screams experience it yourself like a DIY Kit from VR3 Mods. After much contemplation, I decided to do the DIY Kit for my Polk Audio CSI A6 center channel. This is the center channel from Polk?s RTI A line. It?s a beast of a center channel measuring 24" W x 7 3/4" H x 14" D.
Even thinking about doing a crossover upgrade was a daunting task for someone like me. I have very little experience with wiring or soldering. While frightened, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my Kit from VR3 Mods. While waiting for the parts I started to think is this over my head? After receiving my well packaged Kit, I sat down and started planning on how I was going to climb this seemingly insurmountable mountain. I had few questions of course and emailed VR3 Mods. I had a response back each time in no more than an hour! Best damn customer service I have ever encountered. VR3 Mods answered every question I had no matter how trivial with expertise and politeness. Those interactions put me at ease and I continued the modification enjoying every minute, without any significant problems. It was so fulfilling to say I did this! I felt like a proud Papa.
Yeah, enough with the touchy feely how did it sound? This is where the big payoff is. The sound is absolutely stunning, the mid bass is now so tight and snappy. This is a significant plus for things like gunshots and drums that are directed out of the center channel. Male vocals were not as bloated and boxy, now they are smooth a natural. The clarity in the mid range increased beyond my expectations. I here detail now in Blurays that I did not know existed before, dialogue is effortless and clean with great separation from background noise. It is much easier to hear the dialogue on quiet scenes now. S?s & T?s are much better without that long overhang, much crisper. The high end on this notoriously bright speaker is now so much smoother with a silkiness to it. Lana Del Rey sounded very rich and airy, I was in heaven. The top end now has a clear detail that it was lacking before with a lot less shrillness to it in the upper registers. My modified A6 decimates my A7?s on all frequency ranges that I have compared. I cannot wait to get my A7?s modded, these will be speakers my family and I will enjoy for years! If you are thinking about doing a VR3 Mod, quit thinking and just do it!" - Tommy (
Polk Audio CSiA6 DIY Fortress + Edition)
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