We receive many questions from customers and this will cover most of them and we will add to this page as more questions are asked!

1) How does the process work? What do you need from me?

In order to keep our prices low we do in fact need your original crossovers.
    1) We like to inspect the original unit for damage, burnt marks, etc
    2) We like to make sure the parts in your crossovers match schematics (if available)
    3) We do need the original inductors to replace them (you have to match multiple specifics so the original properties of your sound are not changed in a bad way
    4) If a schematic is not available we have to trace the circuit so we can perform a point to point wiring schematic

2) What is the general turn around time?
    The general turn around time (once your crossovers and parts have arrived) is anywhere from forty eight hours to two weeks,
this depends on current back log of modifications and part availability.

3) Why do you not replace inductors right out of the gate?
    We actually will replace inductors depending on the goals of the end user and how much involvement they want to have in the final assembly. When you replace inductors you are automatically being jumped up to a Monastery level modification. The Monastery level modifications usually require remote mounting or completely remounting entire assemblies in an enclosure. It may also go as far as rewiring the entire speaker and going external. It is definitely important to let us know what you would like to do.
     One thing is for sure that replacing inductors requires more space, more money and more final assembly work! Vr3 Mods was founded on the idea of easy to reinstall, all-in-one modifications for the end user.

4) Why do you not use film capacitors for large values and remote mount them?
This is kind of the same answer as above. While we can use the same assemblies as our Fortress/Castle modifications and have disconnects to remote mount these capacitors the gains in the end would be that extra 10% and a little more work for the end user. The other issue is in a lot of the speakers we are modifying (namely the Polk Audio LSi9) it is impossible to mount these capacitors in the enclosure. So it just depends on the goals of the end user and how much involvement they want to have in the process!

5) Why do you not use tech flex and heat shrink on all of your wire runs? 
The answer to this is not really that we do not use it, we simply would rather save our customers money rather than include the price of heat shrink and tech flex. These type of things are more flash than sound improvements. We would rather take that money and invest it into nicer resistors and capacitors and extract that next level of sound from your speaker.

6) Do you offer a DIY kit for your Fortress modifications?
Yes! Click here!

7) Are you guys willing to order the parts I need for my Fortress modifications and ship them all to me in a complete ready to assemble kit?
Yes! Please contact us with details on this. We definitely do not mind doing this if we have schematics and parts lists available!

8) Do you offer a warranty for your work?
Yes! Please click here!

9) Can I send my speaker to Vr3 Mods to have it fully modified, assembled and ready to rock when it is sent back to me?
Yes! Please contact us with more details! This is a passion for us and we love to hear the final results!

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