What is Fortress Plus?

     Fortress Plus is a new modification line available for select model of speakers. It is a culmination of years of trial and error, perfecting our Fortress design to allow us to build them bigger and better. The general difference between the Fortress and Fortress Plus will be the use of aftermarket, preferably air core, inductors and internal wiring.

Please click here to see examples of the Fortress Plus Mods!

    What are the advantages to the Fortress Edition Plate?   
        1) Will never crack
        2) Virtually non-resonant
        3) Threaded (Version 1), through rod construction - Will never come apart by old, aged hot glue
        4) Precision CNC cut    
        5) American Made

    What improvements can I expect with these modifications over the regular Fortress?
        Above and beyond what is stated below you will experience greater bass response and an even greater sense of transparency over the standard modification. Some folks have even reported increased perceived volume.

Most of our customers see the following improvements
            1) Improved imaging: Cleaner, refined, greater depth/height/width
            2) Improved micro details, less smearing of the higher frequencies - overall greater detail and refinement
            3) Improved bass response and clarity
            4) Improved effeciency, speakers appear to be easier to drive
            5) Everything about the speakers improves, the general sound traits refine, open up and go to that next level.

    Are Fortress plates available for my speakers?
At this time Fortress plates are only available for Polk Audio speakers featuring bi-wire terminal cups. While this size is fairly common if you are curious if yours will work please send the dimensions of your terminal cups to Vr3Mods@GMail.com

    Why point to point wiring?
All Fortress level mods are wired point to point for the shortest, purest signal transfer. The ultimate goal in the layout of the components is for the shortest signal path and anytime a wire is connected to another it is twisted and soldered for the best possible connection. You can be assured this will allow you the best possible sound quality.

    What parts do you use on the Fortress Plus Level Mods?
Our current models are using the following part configurations standard -
Clarity Cap ESA
Bennic electrolytic bypassed by Clarity Cap ESA
Larger values where it will fit will use Clarity Cap PX (IE: CSiA6 with 80+uf value)
Mundorf Mox Resistors
Jantzen Inductors
Supra Classic 15 awg wiring, gold disconnects

    What is bypassing capacitors and what are your thoughts?
        Bypassing capacitors is where you take a small value capacitors (Usually below 1uf) and couple it to a larger value capacitor. You usually do this to obtain the sound characteristics of the smaller, higher quality cap. Since this can introduce artifacts and that the Clarity ESA capacitors are of such high quality this is no longer used.

    How does this affect inductor lay out by stacking the boards vertically?
        This actually does not change how inductors are placed simply because they are still on the same plane just oriented differently so the principles will remain the same!
    What is the warranty for your Fortress Modifications?
       Please click here to learn more about our Warranty!

    More questions not answered here?
        Check our Frequently Asked Questions!

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