Polk Audio TSi400 Fortress Level Mods

Parts List -
Tweeter Circuit -
Clarity Cap ESA
Mills or Mundorf Mox
Midbass Circuit -
Clarity Cap PX or Solen
Nichicon/Bennic bypassed by Clarity Cap ESA/SA
Mills or Mundorf Mox

Upgrade Features -
Point to point wiring
Fortress Plates
99.99% Copper, Gold Plated Insulated Binding Post
Complete, easy to reinstall package

Price of Upgrade?
Please email for pricing, Vr3Mods@GMail.com

Learn more about Fortress Mods, Click Here!

Want to Do It Yourself? No problem!

Thoughts from the customer?

"Just unboxed everything, All arrived in mint condition. The Fortress crossover assembly is much larger in real life! Really a piece of art! Beautiful workmanship and skillfully executed. Getting ready to reinstall the drivers and plug them in for a test drive. Very psyched! .... Well it will be two weeks since I wired the Fortress Edition crossovers back up and I want to provide an update on my listening experience. Unfortunately when I first installed the crossovers my left ear was plugged up and I couldn't really rely on what I was hearing. Plus, as Trey told me, the Clarity caps would sound worse before they sound better. Well they've outgrown their awkward stage and have settled in quite nicely. Bottom line, this was a worthwhile investment and I would not hesitate recommending this mod to anyone else with a pair of TSi400s. This mod has pushed these speakers as far as they can go and definitely brought out significantly more detail. As I mentioned before the lower frequencies are much tighter and more enjoyable. The mids are nice and warm.

Thanks Trey for a delivering the goods on this one!" - Marc (Polk Audio TSi400 Fortress Level Mods)


"The speakers sound tremendous and my HT is rocking. An many thanks for the excellent work on my crossovers, top-notch all around. Regards, Roger" - Roger (Polk Audio Castle CS10/TSi400) 

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