Polk Audio SDA1c Gimpod Crossover Modifications
Parts List -
Tweeter Circuit -
Clarity Cap ESA
Mundorf Mox Resistors

Midbass/SDA Circuit -
Clarity Cap ESA (Not Pictured)

Upgrade Features -
GIMPOD Circuit Boards www.GIMPOD.com
NL4 SDA Connection, NL2 SDA Cable, Supra Rondo Wire
Delrin Substrate for SDA Inductor
99.99% Copper, Gold Plated Insulated Binding Post

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Thoughts from the customer?
"Well I have had these up and running for a day now and I will give the feedback I can. Packaging: Ok so this really has nothing to do with the sound, but man what a great job. Everything was packed well and I have more packing peanuts then I know what to do with. Build: Everything is top notch. As mentioned the IC cable is really cool. I love the fact that it creates a super secure connection. Sound: Well I will have to get back to you. First impression is there is just more detail then what my RTA were able to offer. As I told Trey I want these to be my destination speaker and I feel I have that. Now I just need to let them break in for a few hundred hours." - Chris (Polk Audio SDA 1C Gimpod Modification)
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