Legacy Empire Monastery Crossover Modifications

Parts List -
Tweeter Circuit -
Clarity Cap MR
Clarity Cap ESA
Mills Resistors
Jantzen Inductors

Midbass Circuit -
Clarity Cap ESA
Mundorf Mox Resistors
Mills Resistors
Jantzen Inductors

Bass Circuit -
Solen PB 400v
Clarity Cap ESA
Clarity Cap PX
Jantzen/Erse Inductors

Upgrade Features -
Custom External, Rosewood Enclosures
NL2 Speaker Output Connections
Supra RONDO 14 awg internal wiring

Price of Upgrade?
Please email for pricing, Vr3Mods@GMail.com

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Thoughts from the customer?


I found out about Trey’s work by seeing his ad for Tyler Acoustics Supertower speakers. The work done to them really intrigued me and I purchased them from him. I had previously owned Taylo 7u’s and heard the Decade D1, and D2 as well as Woodmere2 at shows. I always wondered what they would sound like with top notch crossover parts and was certainly not disappointed when I heard the Supertowers. I already owned a pair of Legacy Empire speakers when I purchased the Supertowers. After hearing the upgraded Tylers, I began to wonder what the Empires would sound like with their crossovers upgraded in the same manner. I really loved the open sound of the Tylers, but had to have the dynamics/ jump factor provided by the Legacys. I sent Trey the stock crossovers and the single line schematic provided by Legacy. I’ve owned many pairs of Legacy speakers and they all have had the same issue. The cheap crossover parts are audible.

    Trey provided a basic quote and the process began. This was a huge undertaking due to the large number of parts in the crossover. I was kept up to date regularly thru the entire process with pictures and emails stating specific progress and any recommended changes to the basic plan, as well as requests for my input for enclosure construction, etc. I would estimate that we exchanged 20-25 emails during the process. When the crossovers arrived, I took a peak inside and was very pleased with the quality of the work that I saw inside. Parts were neatly laid out and properly secured. Shipping packaging was first rate and secure.

     I got them hooked up in my system and was almost immediately aware that after these finished break in, they were going to be what I was looking for. Gone was the grittiness of the stock crossover system. They now have between 250 and 300 hours on them and it has certainly been worth the wait. Everything is improved across the board with the exception of the large scale dynamics, which remained intact. It is like a large veil has been removed. Increased detail, check. Improved purity of tone and harmonics, check. Better imaging and soundstaging, check. Improved micro dynamics, check. Improved sense of ease, check. More fun to listen to, absolutely! Everything just sounds more correct and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    After going thru this process, I can without hesitation recommend VR3mods for any crossover modification you may be considering. If you like the basic sound of your speakers, but wonder what they are really capable of, by all means have VR3mods upgrade your crossovers. I have had two transactions with Trey and he has been nothing other than highly professional in both cases. Highest recommendation. 
Thanks, Cris." - Cris Legacy Empire Monastery Level

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