What is Monestary Level

Coming up for a name to give your top tier modifications proved to be a tough task. You have to worry about being too cliché and just finding that right name can be a burden. Unfortunately we were unable to move past the cliché part, to put it short our Monastery modifications are nothing short of a religious experience. The parts used in the networks are upper tier, so transparent that it is as if nothing is even between the amplifier and the drivers.

 The Monastery line was formulated into two catergories


"The Abbott" - This is a complete rebuild of a crossover utilizing high performance parts from around the world. We will use Clarity Cap CMR/MR capacitors in critical signal paths, followed by CSA/ESA for shunt/higher value positions. Duelund resistors and Jantzen inductors flank these world class capacitors in a point to point wired behemoth that requires attention to itself. These parts are then mounted to a metal replacement plastic like lexan and are topped off by being mounted to an American made chassis that is either internal or external. 


"Standard" - This is similar to the Abbott in most ways except that we do not use CMR/MR capacitors or Duelund resistors. A standard Monastery build will be on a similar platform, point to point, but will feature Clarity Cap CSA/ESA as the main series capacitors and Solen PB or Clarity PX as the shunt/large value capacitor of choice.

  What improvements can I expect with these modifications?
        Most of our customers see the following improvements
            1) Incredibly transparent high frequency and midrange response
            2) Almost no compression from crossover parts
            3) Improved imaging: Cleaner, refined, greater depth/height/width
            4) Increase instrument and vocal weight
            5) Improved micro details, less smearing of the higher frequencies - overall greater detail and refinement
            6) Improved bass response and clarity
            7) Improved efficiency, speakers appear to be easier to drive
            5) Everything about the speakers improves, the general sound traits refine, open up and go to that next level.

     Why point to point wiring?
        All Monastery level mods are wired point to point for the shortest, purest signal transfer. The ultimate goal in the layout of the components is for the shortest signal path and anytime a wire is connected to another it is hooked and soldered for the best possible connection. You can be assured this will allow you the best possible sound quality.
     What is the warranty for your Monastery Modifications?
            Please click here for our warranty policy

     Other Questions Not Answered?
            Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

    Check out what our customers are saying about the Monastery level modifications! (Click for more testimonials)

    "TREY, I have about 200 hours on the speakers. they sound wonderful.the bass is very tight. i can turn the volume up louder with little or no distortion.the highs are much better. i am waiting to get my tube amp back. i had new wiring and caps put in. i am wondering how that is going to sound? i will now keep these speakers till i leave this earth. it would cost around $20k to find speakers of this quality. i have another pair of snell C7 speakers that i will open up in the future and see how hard it is to get to the crossover boards.i think they have plug on connectors. maybe we can do those to. thanks again." - Ron (Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature Reference Monestary Level Mods)

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