Hand Made In the USA

At Version 3 Audio we take great pride in all that we do and with that said everything we do is hand made right here in North Carolina. Every piece you see that has been bent, screwed, twisted, soldered was performed meticulously by hand.

Our aluminum products are hand made by a leading tool and die maker right here, cut by a sheer, further shaped on a bridgeport and finally tuned only by what the human hand and eye can accomplish. 

Beyond assembly here in America we strive to use american materials. All of our aluminum and plastics are sourced from the good ol United States. What we can not find from here we source from other trusted manufactures located in the UK, Sweden, Germany and more!

When you receive your Vr3 Mods final product take great pride in knowing you are receiving a hand crafted item that was built with pride right here in the USA.
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